Hello! This isin the heart of Cheshire.

A big THANK YOU to my young daughter for her clever design for 'Winsford'.  I feel she has summed up the "wind in the sails", or "ripples on the water" beautifully.

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Sailing on Winsford Flash

Civic Hall

Brunner Guild Hall

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Winter-ready Salt Stockpile

View across Winsford from Wharton Common

Winsford Industrial Estate

Winsford welcomes you to it's web site!

As a resident who moved here by choice, I hope you will find Winsford as interesting as my family and I do.  There are lots of fascinating things on this site and useful information and contacts too.  

I will be updating and adding to this site as often as there is something new, so please keep looking.  If you feel I have missed anything of use or importance, or if you have something to add, let me know.

Enjoy your surfing, and please send me an e-mail if you have suggestions for the site, or questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.

bulletWinsford is an interesting place to live.  
bulletIt has good local, and out of town, shopping. 
bulletPlenty of industrial estates on the towns' outskirts.  
bulletWinsford also boast a Salt industry with an interesting history.
bulletWe have our own, well published, historian.
bulletMyths and Legends a plenty.
bulletThe Flashes.
bulletWinsford also has many Small, and independent, Businesses.


If you would like a 'One Page' web ad for your shop, business or service, please get in touch; contact details are below.


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