Hello! This isin the heart of Cheshire.

A big THANK YOU to my young daughter for her clever design for 'Winsford'.  I feel she has summed up the "wind in the sails", or "ripples on the water" beautifully.

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Alan's photographs of him in Sydney, Australia in 2005.


This is Alan.

In the background is St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney


Part of the city of Sydney is in the background.


Behind Alan you can see Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Opera House.

The Olympic Flame.

Alan tell us: "This is the remains of the Olympic flame,if you remember the cauldron coming out of the water and slowly rising to its position on top of the torch this is where the Olympic flame burned for 14 days."

Centrepoint or Sydney Tower

Alan says "This pictures is of the highest building in Australia at this time." (2005)

North and South Heads

Alan says "Here is a picture of the entrance to Sydney harbour known as Nth & Sth heads."

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