Hello! This isin the heart of Cheshire.

A big THANK YOU to my young daughter for her clever design for 'Winsford'.  I feel she has summed up the "wind in the sails", or "ripples on the water" beautifully.

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These are Alan's photos: 

This is dated 1892.

Looking up Wharton Hill

High Street, 1910.

Looking along what is now the dual carriage way, towards Grange Lane; where the traffic lights are today.

A close-up of the previous picture.

An aerial view of the salt works.

Can anyone shed any additional information?

An aerial view of Winsford.

Does anyone know which part of Winsford this is, or when the photo might have been taken?

The old High Street; 1960's.

All the buildings on the right were demolished to make room for the dual carriage way.

The old High Street: 1960's.

The road junction is Siddorn Street. Is that correct?

The old High Street; 1960's.

Does anyone know which part?


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