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A big THANK YOU to my young daughter for her clever design for 'Winsford'.  I feel she has summed up the "wind in the sails", or "ripples on the water" beautifully.

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Here is the collection of photographs showing how the land, bordered by Springbank Crescent, St Georges Road, Swanlow Lane and Upper Haigh Street, has changed over the years. 

Click on each 'thumbnail' to see the larger picture.

This is a photograph, taken in1987, of the coachman's house and gardens. You can see the apple trees, in full blossom, which grew large baking apples.

This is a close-up of the coachman's house taken from the same poistion as the previous photograph.

You can clearly see the greenhouse amongst the apple trees.

This photograph was taken before the house became derelict.

It looks like a frosty, winters day.

This was how the field used to look; the trees were always full of birds too.

The same view in 2005.

View looking up the field, towards Swanlow Lane, a few years after the coach-house had been demoloshed.

And this is how it looks in 2005, all the grass has gone, and the wildlife too.

The Leylandiis are still there.

All the green has gone.

You can see the bottoms of the Leylandiis in the background.

This is looking towards the corner of Swanlow Lane and Springbank Crescent.

This is all that could be seen of the houses on Springbank Crescent.

There were many wildflowers, shrubs and trees around the edges, and wildlife too.

The same view in 2005.

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