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Paint Effects

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Joy will undertake many different types of Paint Effects, such as:

bulletRag Rolling - basically the 'rolling of a rag onto a surface'.  A background colour is applied, then  scumble glaze is mixed with the top colour.  The rag is then rolled on the surface.  The variations which can be achieved depend on the colours you choose, the type of cloth or material used, and the way you 'roll your rag'.  A very versatile finish which can be applied to many things ; walls, furniture, doors - almost anything!!
bulletSponging - is as it sounds - using a sponge, but not the one from your bath!! You have to use a natural sponge (which has come from the sea).  As with rag rolling, the base colour is applied, the top colour is mixed with scumble glaze and 'sponged' on.  Again the variations, effects, and sponging mediums are almost too numerous to mention!


bulletGraining - to make something look like wood.  The item may be made of plastic or painted etc..  Graining is the application of scumble glaze and pigment colours, then a graining tool is used to achieve the desired grain.


Marbling - it helps if you think of fake 'faux' marble in two ways - the first is to recreate, painstakingly, the effect of 'real' marble.  This is achieved by long study and practice.  My aim is to fool the eye into thinking of real marble. 

The second  approach is to think of marbling as 'fantasy' - which means you can basically make any sort of marble, no matter how abstract, to fit in with any decor.

Faux marble is perhaps the most effective where real marble might have been used, such as a table top or a fire place surround.  Alternatively you could transform a filing cabinet, an old piece of furniture or kitchen cupboards into something quite spectacular!


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