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Joy has restored many wooden items, including tables and is soon to restore the finish on the bar in a club.  On one occasion she repaired and then restored an old bamboo container.  Joy would have loved to known a little more of the history of this last item; it was lined with lead, and the container was used for storing tobacco, in it's past.

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This Canister was brought to Rosemont Studio for repair and restoration.

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"This antique, bamboo tobacco jar has been in my family for about 100 years.  The lid was broken many, many years ago and was very crudely repaired.  I mentioned it to Joy and she offered to try and improve it.  The result was wonderful - I never realised just how beautiful it was.  She not only repaired the lid but she polished the jar and made it glow. I've always treasured it, but now more so.   Thank you Joy."    Shirley Sadler


Before After  

"Some years ago, I rescued an oak table from my Mum.  She had painted the entire table in white gloss and was fed up with it and had decided to throw it away.  I stripped the gloss paint away, it took ages and I was not pleased with the results, but kept the table anyway as I had always liked the shape and felt it had potential.  I never did decide what to do with it, polish?...varnish?...somehow it stayed as it was...until I met Joy.  Joy finished my job off, cleaned the table up and French Polished it, now I know why I had kept it all these years...it looks wonderful, I just hope Mum will not want it back now. 
Thank you so much Joy for doing such a terrific job."    
 Linda Robbins



Recently Joy was asked to lighten a very dark dining table and then reapply French Polish, the results are pictured below.  The 'before' photographs were taken after the dark stain had been removed.  Also there was damage to the cut-out for the gate-leg, which Joy was asked to repair


Before After  

If you are 'having-a-go' yourself at repairing or restoring something made from wood, or you feel you would like to 'have-a-go' but you are not quite sure how to go about it, why not drop me an e-mail.  Put your questions to me and I will try my best to advise you, and to answer your questions. 

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