French Polishing Hand Painting Paint Effects Gilding Restoration

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French Polishing
Hand Painting
Paint Effects

Rosemont Studio  can undertake all manner of work on all types of wood and wooden items.  We do not mind the age, or the size of the piece in question.  

bulletAll quotations are free.

French Polishing

bulletA natural product used to protect and enhance the beauty
 of wood .....

This Chest of Drawers was  painted blue and white when is was brought to Joy.  A miraculous change!




Hand PaintingClick to see larger photograph

bulletWooden items decorated by hand .....

A box Joy uses for storing some of her materials ...cheerful on dull days



Paint Effects

bulletThere are many different ways to create effects through using paint.

Joy is currently working to create 'sample' boards to illustrate these finishes.  They will be displayed here soon.



Click to see larger photographGilding  

bulletThe application of gold and black lacquer.  
bulletSponging, stippling or rag rolling etc ...

This chair was stripped and prepared, before being Gilded  and then  Lacquered  with a modern finish, for a client.



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