Hello! This isin the heart of Cheshire.

A big THANK YOU to my young daughter for her clever design for 'Winsford'.  I feel she has summed up the "wind in the sails", or "ripples on the water" beautifully.

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I have received emails from people who no longer live here; some wonder what Winsford looks like now, other are trying to catch up with old friends.  Some just feel the need to 'keep in touch'.

If you have a specific request, please use the contact form and I'll see if I can help.

If you want to chat with Winsfordians, present or past, please go to our forum.

I am going to get in touch with all our councillors, town and borough, and those who are interested will be able to register and be contacted through our forum.

The email below started the idea of a page for the Ex-Winsfordians page:

"I was looking through your website at the many pictures it has and it brought back a lot of memories as I once lived in the town 34yrs ago and attended Meadowbank Primary and Winsford High School opposite the town centre, is it possible to maybe get some pictures of the old school as it is now, and maybe a photo of where I once lived at 32, Caldy Way, Grange estate, it would be great to see them again. Keep up the good work I will look in again. from Alan Bond, Sydney, Australia."

Alan has now sent a recent photo of himself, and he has asked me to add it here:

Alan was also interested in how Winsford Station looked these days.

Alan has emailed me some photos he has on his computer: all of Winsford past, click here to see them.

Alan has been busy; he has been out and about in Sydney, he has used his mobile phone to take some photographs and he has asked me to add them to this page.  Click here to see them.

Alan has used his mobile phone and has sent us some movies.  Soon you will be able to Click here to watch and listen to Alan.

I did email some photos to Alan, click on the underlined words to see them. If anyone knows Alan, and would like to get in touch with him, drop in at Winsford's Forum.

New Addition.

I have now had a couple of photos sent in by Roger Moors who is also an Ex-Winsfordian, he says:

 "Attached is a photo of Winsford Baths circa late 40's.
As a youngster we would spend all day there for an entry fee of 6d.
I thought you might be interested in what the baths looked like. Also included is the Bownes shop on High Street (Bownes was my mothers maiden name). The SPQR on the sign stood for "small profit, quick return" and the shop that I grew up in on the corner of Well Street and High Street had the same signage."
Roger Moors."  Click here to see Rogers photos, and a few more of old Winsford.

Roger has now supplied a photograph of himself:

"This was me around 1960 taken in some back alley in Winsford.I do not remember the location but I do remember having the Billy Fury haircut and thinking I was really "cool"."
Roger Moors

Roger is a member of Winsford's Forum; if you would like to contact him.

Another Ex-Winsordian.

I have received another email and request to be added to this page.

"I have just been looking at your web site with great interest.
I was born in Middlewich & lived at Stanthorne cottages before moving to Winsford about 1954 where we lived at 93 Dene Drive. Then moved to 137 Gladstone St. Before coming to Australia in 1964, My Father Mr.Frank Kirk used to work       with the Co,op. on the Bread Cart.
We lived in Melbourne for 18 years before coming to the Gold Coast in Queensland,My wife & I retired a number of years ago & our main pleasure now is Lawn Bowls which we play 5 & 6 times a week.
My Brother lives in Rochdale England ,Our eldest Daughter lives
in  Tweed Heads N.S.W..  Our Youngest Daughter lives in Central Coast N.S.W.  And  our Granddaughter lives in North Brisbane.
Hope some of my old mates see this & get in touch.
                      Yours Sincerely .
                                         Malcolm Kirk.
  P.S. enclosed is a Photo of My Father with a young boy taken
          at Middlewich or Winsford Around 1946"

Malcolm has asked for me to publish his email address, but I am a little uncomfortable with this.  If you want to get in touch with Malcolm, please send your email to the address at the bottom the page, and I will forward it to him.


Contact Information

If you wish to get in touch for any reason please send an e-mail to time.graphics@winsford.net

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